Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy (ASG/ESG)

Sustainable decision-making

We developed our Sustainability Policy to use the theme as a guiding principle for our business.

The document covers strategic social and environmental guidelines and intends to disseminate the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Policy is divided into the pillars of management, corporate governance, social and environmental impacts, and excellence in service provision.

The Board of Directors is in charge of monitoring the document’s execution, while the Sustainability Committee is in charge of revising its content.

Access here the Sustainability Policy of Grupo VAMOS.

Material Themes

We also have our materiality matrix to guide us and make sure that the company’s decision-making will consider the views of different stakeholders.

The views of different stakeholders contributed to the identification of eight material themes and a transversal theme, which will be prioritized in our decision-making process. The materiality matrix was revised in late 2020 and validated by our Executive Board:

In line with the best market practices, our materiality matrix should be revised every two or three years, or earlier, should there be significant changes in VAMOS’ operations.

Sustainability commitments

To reflect the maturity of our sustainability agenda, we set short-, medium- and long-term ESG targets.

We established ambitious but feasible goals and concrete initiatives.

Learn more about our new commitments:

Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability indicators are monitored by the Sustainability Committee every month, while the board of directors monitors these indicators every three months, representing the governance of our sustainability journey, as per our governance structure available for consultation at

Additionally, to ensure the governance, transparency and timeliness of our information, we publish our Integrated Annual Report every year, thus making public our ESG results, projects and maturity. Click here to access Reports that have already been published.