Environmental, Social and Governance

The Administration / Message From Administration

“In the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions, we chose priorities expressed in projects that have specific objectives, indicators, goals, and deadlines, some of which are already ongoing.

This is the case for the implementation of selective sorting and correct disposal of waste in the company’s units; demanding that third-party workshops properly dispose of waste; and diagnosis to define the requirements for obtaining the B Corporation certification, committed to making decisions that create value not only for shareholders, but also for other stakeholders and society at large.

In terms of governance, in addition to the maturing of the Board of Directors, we remain aligned with the best practices of the Novo Mercado, which was already happening even before we were officially listed on B3. Our track record of achievement motivates us to dream big and set ambitious goals. We are convinced of our ability to face future challenges, especially as we have a committed and results-driven team, without which our growth would not be possible.”

Our Commitments

“To materialize these principles, we have in place projects in three different dimensions, with clear objectives, performance indicators, goals, and schedules for completion.”

Dimension Project Objective
Envrironmental – Natural Capital Zero Carbon Provide costumers the opportunity to offset carbon emissions
Annually neutralize carbons emissions (Scopes 1 and 2)
Sustainable Management Conscious consumption of water and energy in stores
Implement selective sorting and disposal of waste within company units
Require third-party workshops to agree to a waste disposal commitment in accordance with local legislation
Take trucks over 25 years old out of circulation
Social – Social and Relationship Capital Social Engagement/Volunteering Employee engagement in social programs
Motorista Autônomo, você de caminhão novo!
(Self Employerd Driver, You on a New Truck!)
Generate better income and safety conditions for self-employed drivers
Governance – Intellectual and Organizational Capital Sistema B Obtain certification

Integrated Annual Report

We are pleased to present Grupo Vamos’ Integrated Annual Report, featuring our main economic-financial, environmental, social, and governance topics. Prepared in accordance with renowned global reporting practices and subject to external audited, it reinforces our commitment to providing transparent information to our customers, investors and shareholders.


‘Sustainability for us means the ability to repeat the cycles continuously’ – The Administration.
Existing commitments in the Group: