Julio Simões Institute

Grupo Vamos is one of the companies supporting the Julio Simões Institute, which runs its own projects and projects in partnership with other institutions in order to contribute to improving the lives of neighboring communities.

Among the main projects we can highlight:

  • “Julio Cidadão” (Citizen Julio) Project: The project encourages volunteering as “clown doctors” in hospitals since 2007. Developed in a partnership with the NGO Canto Cidadão, the project trains and accompanies volunteers in hospitals and nursing homes in Mogi das Cruzes and surrounding regions. In 2018, another group of employees received “Clown Doctor” training, offering assistance to more than 1,000 people.
  • “Gincana Cultural” (Cultural Recreational Competition) Project: It promotes a culture of volunteering, providing all employees and their family members with the opportunity to interact with other employees, the Company and the community, by collecting and distributing donations, as well as carrying out initiatives at NGOs or public spaces. In 2018, 10 groups enrolled, totaling 1,350 volunteers, benefitting 9 social institutions and 3 public spaces (cleaning of parks and school facades, and raising pedestrians’ awareness).
  • Do you want it? You can do it! Project: launched in 2012, the project assists public school students in Mogi das Cruzes, who have the opportunity to visit the Julio Simões Memory Center and learn about the most important facts in the life of Julio Simões, businessman and founder of JSL and the Julio Simões Institute, and are encouraged to improve skills that expand their possibilities of success. In 2018, 3,639 students visited the Center.
  • “Training Truck”: It is a travelling movie theater that offers training, theater, culture, music and entertainment all over Brazil, always focusing on defensive driving, use of drugs, sexual abuse and exploitation of children’s and adolescents’ rights. All in all, 1,990 people attended lectures, courses and presentations in 2018.
  • (Moving Christmas) Campaign: The campaign, launched in 2016, joins in a single project employees interested in the social projects carried out by the Julio Simões Institute, encouraging volunteer work and solidarity in all JSL units. Every year, the campaign benefits children, seniors and people with special needs. In 2018, it donated 269 toys to orphanages, daycare centers and children’s schools, distributed 480 fruit and chocolate panettones and benefitted 538 people and 3 institutions assisting people with physical disabilities, with the involvement of 70 volunteers.

Additionally, the Institute supports independent projects through fixed donations to social institutions and NGOs, benefitting more than 2,500 people in 2018.

Energy Efficiency and Emissions

In order to minimize environmental impacts and contribute to sustainability awareness, Grupo Vamos adopts energy efficiency practices, such as replacing ordinary light bulbs with LED bulbs and using low sulfur fuel, which reduces emission of white smoke and increases the useful life of oil.


Grupo Vamos uses water in a conscious manner, in accordance with the legal guidelines related to this matter. The Company encourages the implementation of reuse systems and the improvement of water use efficiency in all of its units.


Grupo Vamos’ Waste Management is aligned with the National Policy of Solid Waste and, by means of its practices, it aims at taking responsibility for the items used, seeking to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities. In addition to monitoring the consumption of the inputs used in the operations, the Company ensures the correct disposal of items, such as tires and lubricating oil (100% of which is sent to refining process in order to be reinserted in its own production chain).