Code of Ethics and Policies

VAMOS, with the goal of strengthening its values and reinforcing the importance of Ethics, Transparency and compliance with the law in its business, has established a Compliance Program. The Program focuses on compliance in the company’s activities, through compliance with laws, internal rules and ethical and transparent work.

The program is part of the GRC Board – Risk & Compliance Management, which is responsible for disseminating the Anti-Corruption Policies and Code of Conduct guidelines to the company’s employees. In October 2016 the Code of Conduct was entirely reviewed and, since then, the employees’ training and awareness on the code is frequently monitored.

In addition, Vamos has a Whistleblowing Channel, which was outsourced in November 2016, and ensures the protection of the whistleblower’s good faith (pursuant to Decree 8420/2015). The channel’s operating flow ensures that the investigations of reports are impartial.

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