We are the leading rental company of trucks, machinery and equipment in Brazil. We have been operating in this segment for more than 20 years by means of our parent company JSL S.A. (“JSL”) and, on December 31, 2019, we had a fleet of 13,244 rented assets. In September 2015, after a corporate restructuring of Grupo JSL, a group offering a broad portfolio of logistics services in Brazil, VAMOS was incorporated to consolidate all long-term rental activities of trucks, machinery and equipment (with no operator), that may include maintenance services, in addition to a network of Volkswagen/MAN truck and bus dealerships (“VW/MAN”) and a network of used vehicle stores.

Our core business is the long-term rental (average of five years) of assets that are essential to our customers’ operations and the provision of services that ensure fleet availability. We work in several sectors of the economy, mainly agribusiness, energy, transportation and food, and have a diversified customer portfolio and rented assets. Our operating structure consists of a network of more than 2,200 accredited repair shops nationwide, which allows us to provide services with efficiency and control.

Additionally, we have a network of 39 stores with wide coverage nationwide that include the largest network of VW/Man truck and bus dealerships with 14 stores, 14 VALTRA dealerships of agricultural machines and equipment, 1 Komatsu brand yellow machinery and equipment store and 10 used vehicle stores. Our network of dealerships work independently, each of which with its own activity, fostering the rental, purchase and sale of used trucks, machinery and equipment, at a market that is still incipient in Brazil but has great opportunity for growth.

We operate in an integrated and synergistic manner with all of our businesses: we buy, sell, rent and provide maintenance services to our assets. This business strategy, with control over the entire business cycle, has allowed us to achieve growth with profitability. Our net revenue totaled R$1,2 billion in 2019, 23% up from 2018 (R$983 million). Our net income reached R$142 million in 2019, 22% up from 2018 (R$116 million), with return on equity of 25.0% in 2019. Additionally, EBITDA totaled R$528 million in 2019, 17% up from 2018 (R$452 million).